The Bellona Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, science-based environmental organisation, established in 1986. Our primary goal is to address issues of environmental deterioration, risks to human health from pollution, and the ecological impacts of economic development strategies. We work towards international cooperation and legislation to safeguard nature and enhance the environment, in support of the public’s entitlement to enjoy unpolluted air, soil, and water. We aim to ensure accurate information dissemination about threats to the environment.

Bellona endeavours to educate the public, particularly legislators, opinion leaders, and the media, about environmental risks. We also aid in formulating policy responses to these challenges. Our objective is to propose practical solutions to the environmental dilemmas we face. Our ultimate aim is to identify solutions with the least impact on human activities.

We uphold the value of technological advancement and enhancement. We hold the belief that it is feasible to address environmental challenges in a positive and progressive manner, and that industries can adjust to new challenges, provided they are provided with appropriate, consistent, and long-term frameworks.



Rådhusgata 28, 0151 Oslo, Norway

Phone +4723234600


Signy Fardal

Communication Manager
+47 916 01 775

The team in Oslo

Monica Irmi Vogt

Head of Fundraising and Grant Management

Jon Schultz

Jon Schultz

Legal advisor/ Lawyer

Stein Lier-Hansen

Stein Lier-Hansen

Special Advisor

Michele Legernes

Michele Legernes

Advisor, aquaculture

Mats Rognved

Mats Rognved

Advisor CCS

Marina Hauser

Marina Hauser

Advisor LCA

Jessica Hough

Jessica Hough

Advisor, Marine Biology

Irene Øvstebø Tvedten

Irene Øvstebø Tvedten

Senior Advisor, Maritime

Cathine Ringstad

Cathrine Ringstad

Senior Advisor CCS

Nina Hjellegjerde

Nina Hjellegjerde


Alexander Ugland

Project Manager Bioeconomy

Skage Grønneberg

Business Relation Manager

Runa A. Skarbø

Team Lead, Transport and Energy

Signy Fardal

Communication Manager

Sunniva Furset

Communications Advisor

Silje Båtsvik Risholm

Senior advisor, aquaculture

Eivind Berstad

Team Lead, CCS

Benjamin Strandquist

Benjamin Strandquist

Senior advisor – Electrification

Joakim Hauge

Team Lead, Bellona Bio-programme

Martin Sveinssønn Melvær

Team Lead, Materials and Industry

Oskar Njaa

General Manager for International Affairs

Christian Eriksen

Head of Policy and Research

Kari Torp

Senior adviser, aquaculture

Sissel Forsberg

Sissel Forsberg

Office assistant

Olav Øye

Senior adviser for Climate and Industry

Christian Rekkedal

Information Technology manager

Hanh Tran

Administrative Assistant

Dag Hotvedt

Dag Hotvedt

Manager, economy and administration

Olaf Brastad

Senior adviser, Industry and waste

Sigurd Enge

Senior Advisor, Shipping

Ingrid Kristensen Hauge

Communications adviser

Frederic Hauge

Founder and general manager