Tell EU decision makers to protect our coasts and stand up against the oil industry

photo: U.S. Coast Guard

Publish date: August 20, 2012

Written by: Kristina Östman

The oil lobby in Brussels and around Europe is doing its best to water down a crucial new regulation on offshore safety proposed by the European Commission. To put pressure on EU policy makers and encourage them to resist the strong interests from the industry, Bellona is together with other environmental NGOs calling on the citizens of Europe to raise their voices.

Add you voice to the citizen lobby and sign the petition here in support of common minimum safety standards for the offshore oil and gas industry in Europe.

The regulation on safety of offshore oil and gas operations, proposed by the European Commission in October last year, is crucial to raise the safety standards in the inherently risky offshore oil and gas sector. It is needed to harmonise the fragmented regulatory frameworks across Europe, to reduce the risks of accidents occurring, and to ensure that companies have the capabilities to minimise their damages if they do.

The provisions in the proposal need to be strengthened, not watered down. A weakening of the proposal could have disastrous consequences in the case of an accident and it is crucial that EU leaders don’t fall for the industry pressure.

Offshore drilling operations are extending into even riskier waters, such as the Arctic and the deep sea, and it is vital that this is reflected in the regulation. The damage a potential oil spill could cause to the marine ecosystem, fisheries and coastal communities is bigger than it ever has been before.

The strong pressure put on the decision makers by the oil industry needs to be countered by a citizen lobby, putting the general interests first. This is why we are encouraging everyone to sign this petition on strengthening the proposal, calling on EU leaders to protect our coasts and stand up to the industry.