Liquefied petroleum gas plant to be built in Murmansk region

Now specialists are to choose a site for the plant. Closed military area Vidyaevo has a deep harbor suitable for tankers. There is a developed transport, energy, living, and social infrastructure in Vidyaevo. Its disadvantage is a long distance from the Shtockman field (638 metres) and the need to build a special site for the plant, Regnum informs.

Territory of Teriberka is flat and good for the plant site location; it is closer to the Shtockman field (533 metres) than Vidyaevo. The disadvantages of the territory are: no needed moorings, foggy and windy navigational conditions, undeveloped transport, energy, living, and social infrastructure. Some Teriberka inhabitants protest against the plant’s construction, as it requires demolishing several houses, and resettling their owners.