Russian Sierra-I nuclear submarine soon back in active service

Publish date: September 29, 2005

The repairs at the Russian multipurpose nuclear submarine K-276 ”Krab” (project 945, Barrakuda) have been completed recently.

At the moment the submarine has finished sea trials and is moored at the shipyard for painting and correcting defects noted by the acceptance committee, Interfax reported. It is expected that the submarine will be back in active service in the end of 2005. At the same time the preparation works for repair works on another submarine of this class are carried out at the moment.

Krab joined the Northern Fleet in 1987. It has been presumably in reserve since 1997. Four submarines in total of this class were built in Russia. The first submarine of this project (K-239, Karp) was taken out of service in 1997-98.