Delta-IV submarine to launch satellite on July 7th

Publish date: July 2, 1998

Written by: Igor Kudrik

The Northern fleets Delta-IV class submarine Novomoskovsk (K-407) is scheduled to launch a German scientific micro-satellite on July 7th from its submerged position in the Barents Sea.

The satellites, developed by Berlin Technical University, will be placed into orbit on an SS-N-23 (RCM-54)-type ballistic missile. This is considered to be a high-risk operation. It was one of the Northern fleet’s Delta-class submarine which suffered an accident in one of its rocket tubes on May 5th this year.

According to The Moscow Times, Berlin Technical University’s Transport and Applied Mechanics Department said two more launches of such satellites will be negotiated if this launch is a success. The commercial launch of satellites from nuclear-powered submarines began in 1994. In early June 1995, a commercial satellite was launched from a submerged Delta-III class submarine in the Barents Sea, not far from the submarine base in Gremikha.

An anonymous naval officer says in an interview with The Moscow Times the Northern fleet will be paid some 200,000 German Mark ($111,000) for the launch. The launch will also help the submarine’s crew hone their combat skills, which have suffered because funds have not been available for training exercises.