1998: Three subs to be scrapped, one to be built

Publish date: April 15, 1998

Written by: Igor Kudrik

Severodvinsk shipyards plan to scrap three nuclear powered submarines and launch new Akula-class submarine by the end of 1998.

This year, Zvezdochka shipyard, located in Severodvinsk, plans to scrap three submarines. The first is K-193, Delta-II-class, commissioned in 1975. It was placed into a dry dock (workshop no. 22) for decommissioning in December 1997. The second one is Yankee-class submarine (K-137), commissioned in 1967 and pulled out of service in 1994, has been in the waters of Severodvinsk the last four years waiting in line to be decommissioned. The last submarine is of Delta-I class (K-279) commissioned in 1972.

The mentioned submarines will be scrapped given that funding is available. This year, the shipyards in Severodvinsk has received no budget for scrapping operations so far. In the end of March, a delegation from Severodvinsk went to Moscow to settle this issue down; no information is available if the trip brought any results.

Gepard may be launched by the end of 1998
The nuclear-powered Akula-class submarine Gepard, laid down in 1991 and scheduled to enter active service in 1996, is still under construction. The naval crew will arrive on board by autumn and is supposed to start "getting familiar" with the boat while it is still not ready for operations. So far, the plans assume that the submarine will be launched by the end of 1998.