Naval yard employees blocked another road

Publish date: October 10, 1997

Written by: Igor Kudrik

On October 1 the employees of Naval Repair Yard no. 82 on the Kola Peninsula ran a blockage of an automobile road, demanding salaries payback. The labour union disclaims responsibility for further actions.

The extraordinary meeting of the labour union of the Northern Fleet repair yards assembled on October 3, issued a resolution stating that they bear no responsibility for further actions of the employees of the yards, reported Murmansk daily Polyarnaya Pravda.

By the beginning of October, state debts to the repair yards of the Northern Fleet amounted to 16.6 million USD. The situation is critical and according to the labour union unpredictable actions of the employees are possible. Having no possibility to influence the situation, the leaders of the labour union forwarded a copy of the resolution adopted on October 3 to the President of Russia, the Government, the Minister of Defence and the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy.

A similar action was performed by the employees of Naval yard no. 82 on July 16 this year. Apparently that action brought no results.