Nuclear powered submarines on sale

Igor Kudrik
1997-03-18 12:00

Nuclear powered submarines on sale

The governor of Arkhangelsk County, Anatoly Efremov, has filed a
request to the Russian Government to consider delivery of nuclear-powered
submarines for export. Onboard nuclear weapons are to be dismantled prior to
export. The idea has risen from the desperat economical situation of the
Arkhangelsk millitary shipyards.

The suggestion to deliver two submarines for export was announced at a
press conference held by the Arkhangelsk County Governor on March 11 this
year. At the outset considered to be ironical, the proposal has materialised as an
official request to Moscow. –Although international legislation stands against
export of vessels powered with nuclear reactors, there are ways around that,
comments Russian national newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The request was prompted by the deep economical crisis developed at
Severodvinsk nuclear shipbuilding yards during the last three years. By the nation
wide strike organised by the Russian labour unions on March 27 this year, the
state owed Severodvinsk yards approx. 18 million US dollars. Some 10 % of the
money was delivered to Severodvinsk just before the strike, providing for only
half-hearted Severodvinsk support to the protests.

The Russian government has not yet replied to the request. Neither a positive
answer, nor a balancing of the state debts to the city, is likely to come in the
foreseeable future.

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