444 families want to leave radioactive village

Sergey Mitrokhin presented the list of 444 families, which agreed to move from the polluted territory. Alexander Rumyantsev promised to meet the head of Ministry of Emergencies Sergey Shoygu to discuss the problem. Speaking to journalists, Mitrokhin said the Muslumovo problem had been discussed at the meeting with the Russian president Vladimir Putin and Alexander Rumyantsev back in December 2003. At that time Rumyantsev pledged to find money for the village resettlement. However, the Russian legislation stipulates that the local authorities, i.e. Clelyabinsk region administration, should take care of the resettlement. The problem is still not solved, and people continue to die on the polluted land. According to Mitrokhin, the Chelyabinsk administration is not interested in the development of the resettlement program. The meeting with Rumyantsev gave a new hope to relocate people from the polluted village, MK-Novosti reported.