$35,000 to compensate radioactive pollution

Publish date: January 21, 2005

Chelyabinsk governor ordered to allocate about $35,000 to Muslyumovo village suffered in the nuclear accident in 1957.

December last year, Chelyabinsk region governor Petr Sumin allocated 1 million rubles (about $35,000) for the local program on coping the radiation accidents’ consequences at the Mayak plant. The money for the program come from the extra income of the local budget and taxes from the Mayak plant after reprocessing the foreign spent nuclear fuel, reported.

The money will be spent on construction of the livestock pond in Muslyumovo village near polluted Techa River. Techa reservoirs contain over 340 million cubic meters of the radioactive water. All this water can penetrate the open water system during a spring flood. The local program on overcoming of the radiation accidents’ consequences at the Mayak plant was adopted by the local parliament in 2002 and should be completed in 2005.

Muslyomovo is the most exposed village due to Mayak plant’s former discharge practices. Muslyomovo is situated 30 km downstream of Mayak Chemical Combine, and in 1949 it had a population of 4,000 inhabitants. By 1990, the number had fallen to 2,500 residents. The effective dose received by Muslyomovo’s villagers is approximately 2.8 Sv, and the effective dose received by children is 0.05 to 0.1 Sv/y. The residents of Muslyomovo have been subject to compulsory blood and bone marrow testing. The results and findings from these tests however, were kept secret until 1992.

In 1994, the administration of Chelyabinsk County passed a resolution to evacuate those of Muslyumovo’s inhabitants who had suffered the most, and to build a new village farther away from the Techa River. On August 7 1997, the Chelyabinsk county administration signed a decree on re-settlement of village Muslyumovo and adjacent areas downriver of Mayak nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.
However, nothing came out of these and other decisions.