Unfortunate situations at Kola NPP

Publish date: July 15, 2003

Two unfortunate situations occurred at the Kola NPP during three days, RIA Novosti reported on July 14th.

On July 12th, capacity of the first 30 years old reactor was reduced down to 35% of the normal load due to the spontaneous drop of a control rod. The normal load of the first reactor is 440 MW. The reactor has to be shut down to find out the cause of the incident. On July 14th, on of the two turbogenerators at the third reactor unit stopped due to the vacuum reduction in the turbine condenser. The safety regulations were not violated and radiation level remained normal, RIA Novosti reported. The second reactor unit is under repairs until August 29th. The fourth reactor unit is in operation and connected to the grid, and soon is expected to reach its full capacity at 880MW.