Russia offers Indonesia floating nuclear plant

Publish date: May 12, 2003

Russia has offered Indonesia a floating nuclear power plant that can be installed in a ship to deal with potential lack of power supply, an Indonesian cabinet minister said.

“Russia has offered us a floating nuclear power plant,” State Minister for Research and Technology Hatta Radjasa told journalists on April 17th before leaving for Russia. He said Indonesia will need such a power plant by 2015-17 to overcome the lack of power supply due to increasing consumption of electricity while the traditional power supply, including crude oil, has been decreasing. “The power plant can be used in many regions,” he said. He said the power plant has a capacity of 40 megawatts, and has the advantage of being sent to whichever part of the archipelago that needs it. He said the concept of the floating power plant differs from the one the government planned to build in Gunung Muria, Central Java. The nuclear-generated power plant in Gunung Muria would have a capacity of 1,000MW, said Hatta, who is traveling with President Megawati Sukarnoputri on a 10-day East European trip. Hatta added that the Russian government had also offered to build Indonesia a rocket- and satellite-launching ground in Biak, Papua province. He also explained about the Indonesian Air Force’s plan to buy Sukhoi warplanes from Russia. But he reminded journalists that Indonesia would not only buy Sukhoi or other equipment, but also would supply components for the military equipment. Thus, if Indonesia bought Sukhoi, Indonesia should also have rights to supply many components of the warplane to Russia. “We come to Russia not only to buy Sukhoi, but also to sell components,” he said. By doing so, Indonesia might benefit its companies at home, such as the National Aircraft Industry (PT Dirgantara), the ship-manufacturing company PT PAL, and the electronics industry (PT ETN). Megawati’s 10-day itinerary includes Romania, Russia and Poland.