Russian Foreign Ministry and Rosatom against military training near Bushehr NPP

Publish date: April 18, 2007

MOSCOW-The Russian Foreign Ministry and Russia’s Federal Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom) criticized Iran for training military troops and air force personnel in areas abutting the territory the controversial Russian-built light water reactor in Bushehr.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that Teheran has neither informed the Russian Consulate in Iran nor the construction management at the Bushehr site about the military training next to the nuclear power plant (NPP), reported the Russian news agency “AHH News.” The plant is slates to go online later this year.

Rosatom said that military training next to the NPP construction works would create serious tensions.

“Military training and the use of weapons at five o’clock in the morning right next to the Bushehr NPP without informing the Russian experts working at the construction site creates unnecessary tensions,” said Rosatom spokesman Sergey Novikov. “We are very sorry about this situation and we hope that this will not happen again,” he added.