Murmansk Governor discussed with Putin nuclear safety problems

Publish date: November 4, 2004

On October 13, the Murmansk Governor Yury Yevdokimov spoke with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin for one hour instead of 15 minutes, TV channel GTRK Murman reported.

One of the issues raised at the meeting was international co-operation in the field of nuclear and radiation safety. Yury Yevdokimov told the president that the working group of the State Council Presidium prepared concrete suggestions on the problems, which earlier complicated the co-operation in this field: taxation of the donors, liability for the nuclear damage, access of the international experts to the restricted Russian nuclear sites.

The Murmansk Governor believes there are no serious obstacles to solve these problems now and the next stage of the international co-operation development should be legalisation of these ideas inside the law. The issues of the nuclear and radiation safety should be examined at one of the next State Council meetings, reported.