Bellona to be at ONS oil conference in Stavanger, Norway

Publish date: August 19, 2010

Written by: Annicken Vargel

Translated by: Charles Digges

The world's second largest oil conference, the ONS, will begin in Stavanger next week and Bellona will be on hand as a strong presence in seminars and debates - and offer "Petroholic Rehab” for those who are ready to realize that the future is green.

The theme for the 19th annual meeting of the ONS  is ” Energy for more people.” The challenge is as difficult as it is obvious: How to meet world energy demands while we reducing and phasing out fossil fuels and polluting oil?

Consequences of the Deepwater Horizon spill

On Monday, Bellona will host a seminar at the Customs Hall in Stavanger dealing with risks and challenges of oil production in Norway and the rest of the world in light of the BP Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico this spring – the largest accidental oil spill in history.

Among the speakers are Peter Lehner, general manager of the Natural Resources Defense Council , who will talk about the experience of the Deepwater Horizon and US climate and energy policy.

ExproSoft Senior Adviser Per Holand will catalogue and explain offshore oil blowouts worldwide from 1980 to 2007, and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Norway’s Marine Research Institute and Bellona will together describe the consequences of oil spills in the vulnerable area from Røst to Nordkapp.

Bellona President  Frederic Hauge , will also talk about how to go from black oil to a green the desert via the Sahara Forest Project.

Bellona stand in the exhibition area

Bellona will also be present with its own stand in the Renewable Energy Park in the exhibition area of the conference, and Thursday Bellona’s Paal Frisvold and Tone Knudsen will hold presentations at the so-called Centre Court. The titles of their talks will be, respectively, “From demonstration to commercialization” and “Carbon Negative – the Bridge Over to the New Energy Future.”

For more information on times and location , see Bellona’s Calendar and programme (downloadable to right).