Kola Science Center presented evaluation of the Shtokman project

Publish date: August 23, 2006

On request from Gazprom, the Kola Science Center in Apatity (Murmansk Oblast) has given an environmental evaluation of parts of the Shtokman gas project.

The Science Center, which is a branch unit of the Russian academy of Science, stresses that the area of Vidyaevo is better suited for the planned LNG plant than the alternative Teriberka. The Kola Science Center was to present it evaluation, made in cooperation with the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, this week, BarentsObserver reported. The report will be handed to the Gazprom-subsidiary of Giprospetsgaz.

Research secretary of the Kola Science Center, Anatolii Vinogradov, stresses that the Shtokman project is unique in its complexity. Never before has a field located on such depths and with such ice conditions been developed.According to Vinogradov, the site of Vidyaevo is better suited for the planned LNG terminal than the site in Teriberka, first of all because of fewer risks of earthquakes. He notes that a number of regional research institutes are involved in the preparations for the Shtokman development.

Several public hearings and meetings are planned to be organized in connection with the Shtokman development. Public hearings on the project will be held in Apatity in September, 19.