What’s COP got to do with it? Podcast

Publish date: November 10, 2022

Check out our new podcast, What's COP got to do with it? where we will be discussing all things COP!

What’s COP got to do with it? – a podcast brought to you by Bellona Europa, giving insights into what’s happening at COP27 and what Bellona is up to there. 

Tune in with our host Mark Preston Aragonès as we report on the ground from our Blue Zone pavilion to discuss real climate solutions.

Episode 7: The Final COPdown

In this episode, host Mark wraps up the conference with a chat with Bellona Foundation CEO Hallstein Havåg to discuss what we achieved this year at COP and his impressions on the negotiations.

Episode 6: The voices of those younger than COP

Last week, your host Mark spoke to some of the youth attending this year’s COP27 about the importance of young voices being represented in decision-making processes. Vincent Diringer from ClimaTalk, a youth-led climate organisation and Irene Domínguez, a fellow Bellonista and youth climate activist passionate about tackling environmental challenges.

Episode 5: COPing with a Just Transition

In this episode, policy expert and your favourite host at COP27, Mark Preston Aragonès, spoke to Montserrat Mir Roca, Special Advisor at the ITUC Just Transition Centre and Jonas Helseth, Director at Bellona Europa, about the need to talk about the just transition in the context of climate change.

Episode 4: The Non-Carbon Impact of Carbon Credits

What are carbon markets, and why are they important? In this episode, host Mark had an eye-opening conversation with Barbara Merz from Pathfinders International on the potential consequences of failing to consider other elements, such as biodiversity or social impacts.

Episode 3: Are Carbon Credits a COP out?

As we return to the conference for week 2, in the blistering sun, our host Mark, quickly chatted with Gilles Dufrasne from Carbon Market Watch on the negotiations thus far. COP27 seeks renewed solidarity between countries to deliver on the landmark Paris Agreement, but will it succeed?

Episode 2: Good COP, Bad COP, featuring Christian Eriksen

Mark had a chat with Christian Eriksen from the Bellona Oslo office to give a rundown of Bellona’s back story and why we decided to attend COP27 while also pointing out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Episode 1: The Journey of a Cucumber

In this episode, Mark shares a story about the journey of a sustainably grown cucumber from the Sahara Forest Project that travelled to COP27 from Aqaba, Jordan. Tune in to hear how it ended up in the Norwegian Prime Minister’s mouth.