Just Transition at the heart of CCS deployment in Europe


Despite its importance, we often forget to talk about the just transition when speaking of CCS. Bellona wants to shift this focus and shine a light on a Just Transition in the lead-up to the CCUS Forum 2023 in Aalborg, especially given the important work of the WG on Public Perception set up by the European Commission’s DG CLIMA.

Major societal transformations have historically created both winners and losers and without appropriate public intervention and support, this will hold true also for the green transition. Certain regions, especially those heavily reliant on harder-to-abate industries, face the risk of negative socioeconomic impacts.

Harder-to-abate industries, like cement, steel, and chemicals, are crucial for decarbonising our economies. They provide essential materials for renewable energy infrastructure and local economies across Europe, supporting important welfare-carrying jobs and local economies in regions where they operate. CCS is key to a Just Transition for these regions.

The social aspect of the green transition should be given due consideration in the form of targeted funding, enabling regulatory environments, re- and upskilling opportunities, and other appropriate measures to avoid reproducing or exacerbating existing social inequities, or the creation of new ones, on the road to net-zero. This would not only be socially just and morally right but is indispensable for our long-term goal of combatting climate change and creating a sustainable economy.

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In this insightful video, join policy advisor Hanna Biro as she delves into the critical topics of Just Transition, CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) public perception. Explore the intersection of just transition, public perception of CCS, and CCS deployment in the EU. Gain a deeper understanding of these important issues and their implications. Don’t miss this engaging discussion – watch now and stay informed.