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TEN-E Draft Regulation misses the ‘smart’ mark on climate and is not ‘EU Green Deal’ ready

The much-anticipated draft TEN-E Regulation was released this afternoon. While important steps have been taken to align the TEN-E with the EU’s increased climate ambition and targets and turn the instrument into an enabler for a net zero emissions Europe, great opportunities are missed when it comes to the development of the EU carbon dioxide (CO2) transport and storage network. Garbled language and continued eligibility of fossil gas projects spark concern.  Fossil Gas: Not excluded, just hidden […]

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As Von der Leyen Boasts Climate Action, EP publishes vote to make gas eligible for funding through Just Transition Fund 

As Von der Leyen took the stage to hold the much anticipated State Of The European Union (SOTEU) address for 2020, the EP made public the results of yesterday’s vote on the Just Transition Fund – and it is far from good news.    The Just Transition Fund (#JTF for those in the know) promised to finance the […]