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Obama, EPA to announce new rules for methane in oil and gas industry

The Obama Administration will today propose first of a kind regulations to reduce emissions from the oil and gas industry of methane, a greenhouse gas that’s cited as far worse than carbon dioxide. The new Environmental Protection Agency rules signal a continuation of Obama’s plan for tackling climate change across the nation’s energy sectors ahead […]

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Obama to visit Alaska against background of climate change – and fears of oil drilling fans

President Barack Obama would travel to Alaska at the end of this month to visit the front lines of US climate change, which he called “one of the greatest challenges we face this century” in a video released by the White House last week. The visit is part of a high-profile push by the administration […]

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Russia submits claim on the North Pole to UN – but oil aspirations seem dead in the water

Russia on Tuesday submitted claims to the United Nation for control of staggering swathes of Arctic seabed, stretching as far north as the as the North Pole itself in a move to position lock down further gas and oil drilling, media reports said. The move follows on October promises from Sergei Donskoi, Russia’s Minister of […]

BP and Gulf States agree to $18.7 billion damage settlement, but will it make the region ‘whole?’

NEW ORLEANS –The federal government and Gulf Coast states have reached an $18.7 billion settlement agreement with the oil company BP for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which unleashed an 87-day gusher of crude and fouled the Gulf’s waters with 4.9 million barrels of oil. The agreement sets the stage […]

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