‘Shipping Goes Electric’: a magazine by the Bellona Foundation

Today, the Bellona Foundation launched its own shipping magazine. From battery electric hybrid vessels and shore power developments, to shipbreaking on Asian beaches and plastic pollution in fish: Bellona explores the environmental solutions at seas.

The magazine updates on the environmental challenges we face today, and the solutions to tackle these, as it brings us on a journey through oceans and fjords. More specifically, you will find more about:

  • Electric ships: The electric maritime revolution
  • NorShipping: NorShipping’s green director
  • Ocean plastic: Oceans of plastic
  • Shipbreaking: The dark side of shipping
  • Cruise Tourism: How to save the fjords
  • Fish Farming: Vessels go electric
  • Shore power: Making the harbor a green juncture
  • Heavy Fuel Oil: Say no to HFO in the Arctic
  • Salmon Freight: From wheel to keel

Read the full magazine here (in English and Norwegian).


Authors: Bellona
Publisher: Bellona