The Power of Choice: A CCS Roadmap for Hungary


Authors: Tristan Azbej, Virginia Corless, Jonas Helseth, Gyorgy Falus, Erlend Fjøsna, Jan Havlik, Eivind Hoff, Gøril Tjetland

Publisher: The Bellona Foundation

This publication was prepared by the Bellona Foundation to fuel the debate in Hungary on how to meet its emission and energy challenges. By studying three potential emission trajectories to 2050, it offers a long-term appraisal of the economic and environmental consequences of broad CCS application in the Hungarian power and heavy industry sectors. Publicly available official data from Hungarian and international sources have been combined with Bellona’s own plant-by-plant research and calculations to model the different scenarios for CCS deployment.

The report is the result of a year’s work both in Hungary and in-house. The Bellona Foundation would like to thank the Global CCS Institute and other sponsors of the Bellona Environmental CCS Team (BEST) for their generous support.