Environment & Rights Magazine

We put this issue together of Environment and Rights under unusual circumstances — Bellona was declared by Russian officials to be an “undesirable” organization. You will find a statement by Bellona and the position of its employees on the following page, along with a list of safety recommendations for our readers.

We on the editorial staff have had to take additional measures to protect our colleagues and authors. At the same time, we believe that the issues and problems that we and our authors cover in the magazine continue to be extremely relevant. It is important to write about them, to discuss and analyze them, and offer real solutions. We do not think that critical discussion and collective problem-solving can be classified as a “harmful” or “undesirable” activity.

The topic of this issue is changes in the global energy sector caused by the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, and other global and regional trends.

The authors of our latest issue attempt to answer a number of questions, such as: was there really a crisis on the world energy market in 2022, and what did countries do to resolve it? How did renewable and hydrogen energy develop? What took place in the nuclear power sector? How did Ukraine resist the destruction of its energy sector, and how did Ukrainians survive the winter, and overcome the electricity deficit by mid-February? What is happening to Russia’s energy resources, which can no longer be sold to many countries’ markets because of war related sanctions? What does energy security mean now for the world as a whole — and how can it be strengthened? What new technologies can help to transform the world energy market and end the dependence on hydrocarbons?

Read the issue here.