UPDATED SCHEDULE: Bellona at COP 21 in Paris: What will be on?

Connection Point COP 21

In order to realise the Paris agreement and the climate pledges of more than 150 countries, we need closer cooperation between actors, increased focus on knowledge sharing and faster industrialisation of innovative solutions.

Bellona and CICERO, with the help of Yara and the Norwegian government, has established Connection Point – a pavilion and delegation room inside the blue zone of Le Bourget conference site at COP21. The Connection Point is an example of constructive international cooperation on climate issues where the research community, civil society, government and business can exchange knowledge, share ideas and create alliances.

During the negotiations, we are organising almost 50 events involving almost 150 speakers covering issues ranging from burden sharing to the commercialisation of low carbon technologies. In particular, Bellona will aim to raise awareness of the indispensable nature of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), and its combination with sustainably sourced biomass (Bio-CCS) to remain within the 2°C threshold; electro-mobility and energy storage technologies among others.

At the Connection Point, you will meet business people, politicians, opinion leaders, researchers, policy makers and climate advocates. Here you can take part in discussions, attend seminars, expand your network and relax in a quiet corner while recharging both your own and your phone’s batteries.

You will find a list of our planned events for the next two weeks as well as information on where to find us.

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