Letter to EU commission: forthcoming Construction Product Regulation will fail to address climate & environmental impacts of construction

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Bellona co-signed a letter to the European Commission, warning it that the expected Construction Product Regulation proposal is set to fail in addressing the climate and environmental impacts of construction.

The letter, also signed by Ecos, the European Environmental Bureau, Climate Action Network Europe, E3G, Climate & Strategy, and 1,5° Ventures, lists five points that should be addressed in the Regulation:

Introduce mandatory environmental requirements:

  1. Introduce mandatory environmental requirements
  2. Prevent greenwashing by making disclosure of environmental performance of products mandatory for manufacturers, throughout the entire lifecycle
  3. Avoid at all costs that the development and setting of these obligations is outsourced to the standardisation system
  4. Remove barriers to low-carbon, circular and non-toxic products under the CPR
  5. Set a clear work plan for the development of requirements to address core environmental hotspots of construction products

Read the full letter here