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ingressimage_BM13578.jpg Photo: (foto: Hafslund ASA/Bo Mathisen)

José Maria Figueres
Former President of Costa Rica and member of the Club de Madrid.

Frederic Hauge

President, the Bellona Foundation.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Environmental activist and attorney.

Ira C. Magaziner

Chairman, Clinton Climate Initiative.

Benjamin William Mkapa
Former President of Tanzania and member of the Club de Madrid.

Anders Wijkman
Member of the European Parliment.

Per-Anders Enkvist
Associate partner McKinsey & company

Dr. Nannan Lundin
Programme leader, EU-China, E3G

Martin Frick
Deputy director, Global humanitarian forum

Louis Quam
Founder and CEO, Tysvar

Eric Usher
Manager, Seed capital assistance facility, UNEP

Presentation of the Sahara Forest Project:

Promising new low-cost technology – enabling green growth "Creation of future feed and fuel from salt water"

Frederic Hauge – President, The Bellona Foundation
Michael Pawlyn – Founder and Director, Exploration Architecture
Charlie Paton – Managing Director, Seawater Greenhouse Ltd
Joakim Hauge – Scientific Advisor, Bellona Norway

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