Aquaculture licences

Source: The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries

Publish date: January 12, 2009

To be allowed to farm aquaculture species in Norway it requires a permit from the authorities. Today the government has granted around 2,000 licenses to farming of different fish species. Below you’ll find the historical overviews for aquaculture licences for salmonids (salmon and rainbow trout), marine species (cod, halibut, etc.) and shellfish (mainly mussels).

bodytextimage_Licenses-marine-species-1994-to-2007.jpg Photo: Source: The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries

Farming of shellfish in Norway have long been virtually synonymous with blue mussels. In 2007 there were 531 permits for farming of blue mussels in Norway. Today a number of shellfish species are farmed in addition to the traditional mussel, both as extensive farming (released into the sea and recapture) and cultures in farms. Lobsters, scallops, oysters and sea urchins are some examples of the farming of shellfish in Norway.