Murmansk becomes a powerful oil export center

Publish date: February 15, 2006

The growing interest in export of processed oil products instead of raw oil demands expanded reloading capacities.

Several companies have successfully established new reloading points in the Kola Bay the last years. Today Murmansk port considers building of several more terminals, BarentsObserver reported. One of the planned terminals in the port area is expected to handle raw oil, while several other terminals have combined functions for both oil products and raw oil. There are also plans for the construction of specialized terminals, which handle exclusively processed products, like diesel, condensate and masut.

One of the companies operating in the Kola Bay is the Kommandit Servis. This company has reconstructed facilities previously owned by the Northern Fleet and now exports oil products to Singapore, the USA and Western Europe. A 68,000 ton tanker in the Kola Bay functions as terminal, the capacity of which will be increased from 2.5 million tons per year to annual 3 million within 1.5 years.