“Packed” hydrogen to become popular

Publish date: March 14, 2005

Scientist of the Cleveland University offered a technology of hydrogen storage, which will make the environmentally safe fuel popular.

Scientists say that hydrogen fuel has not been implemented for a long time due to the lack of appropriate “package”. A tank represents a solid “cube” of spongy material, which can absorb hydrogen. So, hydrogen is stored by the spongy cube inside the tank. Magnesium alloys with modified nanostructure, able to absorb enough hydrogen can be produced by “common” metallurgy. If the temperature and pressure change, “fuel cell” extracts hydrogen. If there are no external actions, “preserved” fuel can be stored long enough, reported.

Cars with 100-kilogram tanks can drive up to 500 kilometers without refueling. Personnel of the University have also found a commercial company, which will spread the patented technology.