Admiral Yevgeny Chernov as vitness

Admiral Chernov was dressed in his Admiral uniform when he was called in asthe last witness before the trial takes a break for the weekend. Togetherwith two other Admirals who have served in the Northern Fleet, Chernov haspublished a report in which every single sentence in the part of the Northern Fleet report the charges againstAleksandr Nikitin is based on, is checked and verified against public sources.

Earlier in the KGB-process against Nikitin, the investigators from St.Peterburg branch of FSB have totally ignored Chernov’s report, where all theopen sources are referred. In addition to Chernov’s testimonyconcerning these sources and follow-up questions by judge Golets, Chernov has been cross-examined by prosecutor Gutsan and Nikitin’s defence team. The Courtclosed at 15:45 local time (GMT+3).