Leni Fischer: Serious discussions on Nikitin with the Russian delegation

Publish date: October 10, 1997

Written by: Thomas Nilsen

President of the Counsil of Europe, Leni Fischer, has held serious discussions on the developements in the Nikitin case, with the leadership of the Russian delegation to the Counsil 's top-level meeting in Strasbourg this Friday and Saturday.

At a press conference after the first day of the top-level meeting, Leni Fischer said that she has raised the issue of the dramatic developments in the Nikitin case with representatives of the Russian delegation.

–We have had Nikitin-conversations under four and six eyes, said Fischer to the approx. 80 journalists present from all over Europe. She stressed the important impact the work laid down by the Bellona Foundation and supporters of Nikitin throughout the world has had on the case.

–During my conversations with the Russian delegation leadership, I have noticed progression in the case. The Council of Europe takes a serious view of the faith of Aleksandr Nikitin, and we will follow future developments closely, said Leni Fischer.