First biodiesel train put in operation

Publish date: July 16, 2007

The AFP reported on June 7th the first ever train in Europe to use environmentally friendly biodiesel fuel left on its first journey from London to Llandudno, Wales.

Gordon Brown, the leading candidate for Prime Minister of Great Britain, was the guest of honor. The ‘Virgin Voyager’s’ fuel is a distinct mixture that burns less carbon dioxide than regular diesel fuel with 20 percent coming from processed biological raw materials, including soy beans, rape seed oil and palm oil. Virgin Trains Company will be running the train for six months across England, Southern Wales and Scotland for testing purposes that, if successful, will result in the transfer of all the company’s trains over to biodiesel fuel.

The British Parliament is assisting the projects beginning by lowering taxes on biodiesel fuel to 7 pents per liter, down from 54 pents for regular biodiesel fuel. Virgin Trains President Richard Branson confirms that the amount of carbon dioxide emissions eliminated by the new biodiesel fuel will be the equivalent of taking 23 thousand cars off the road in Britain.