FSB to protect Russian scientific-technical potential

The FSB directors representing Russian Northwest regions discussed these problems at a meeting in Syktyvkar in Komi republic on March 17, Interfax reported. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the meeting, the head of Komi republic Vladimir Torlopov said the leadership of the republic always relied on the support of the security services. During recent 5 years the FSB made particular efforts to provide security for the science and technical facilities, development designs and prevention of accidents. The military counterintelligence service carried out operations on protecting the perspective arms projects in the frames of the separate State Arms program for 2001-2010, said Vladimir Torlopov.

The Kaliningrad region FSB director vice-admiral Vladimir Sotnikov expressed his opinion to the journalists in the end of the meeting: “The issue of the scientific-technical potential protection is actual for the whole country. Especially in the light of recent decision taken on the level of the Russian government – to establish big institutions where the science could develop. More efficient measures for intellectual property protection are needed. Today it is a product, which should belong, first of all, to the Russians, who develops it.” “Our practical scientists have enough experience and developments, which are not precious only for the state. It is big money. It is very important to protect research institutes, plants. It is needed to make order and we will take active part in it” concluded the FSB director.

The Komi republic FSB director major general Nikolay Piyukov reminded about the old soviet system of measures, which ”protected the Russian science very well”. Due to the new situation and new legislation the role of the security service is increasing. The task of the FSB today is to secure the normal operation of the enterprises, allow honest businessmen to take part in the state programs and prevent stealing of the accumulated resources added the Komi FSB chief, SeverInform reported.

After such statements it is quite likely to expect a new round of spy cases against Russian scientists and researches in the nearest future.