Possibilities for green growth in Jordan to be release next week

Sahara Forest Project - illustrasjon

Publish date: April 19, 2012

Written by: Ruth Lothe

Translated by: Charles Digges

Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon will be on hand when the Sahara Forest Project presents the results of three extensive feasibility studies for green growth in the deserts of Jordan at a seminar this Tuesday, April 24.

The Sahara Forest Project (SFP), in which Bellona is a shareholder, will for the first time present the results of its feasibility studies in Jordan. The seminar will focus on opportunities that arise by seeking food, water and an energy supply in context, and as a response to the challenge of climate change.

“The seminar has been organized in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in Amman, and will focus on the opportunities inherent in creating green growth in Jordan. At the same time, the Sahara Forest Project will present comprehensive feasibility studies,” said Joakim Hauge, CEO of the SFP.

Thorough studies

More than 60 experts and researchers from 12 different countries have contributed to thorough studies that the Sahara Forest Project will present.

“Now we are looking forward to sharing for the first time the results with the Norwegian Crown Prince, the Jordanian Minister of the Environment and a wide network of other stakeholders in Jordan,” says Hauge. “Measures to prevent global warming will fail if they do not simultaneously resolve issues related to water, food and energy security. In Jordan, this is particularly evident.”

Opportunities for green growth


The studies that have been done show the potential to create growth through an innovative and comprehensive approach to this problemlematic set of issue.
“I can confirm that we have identified very positive possibilities for the Sahara Forest Project in Jordan, although the details of the conclusions and recommendations will not presented before the seminar,” said Hauge.

In addition to Crown Prince Haakon, State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gry Larson will also be in attendance for the seminar.