Russian navy promises new nuclear subs with new strategic missiles

Publish date: October 6, 2008

Russian Naval Fleet Admiral Alexander Tatarinov has said the Russian Navy will build eight nuclear submarines within the framework of a government armament plan targeted for 2015, news agencies reported.

“The Navy has shifted to serial construction of ships and nuclear submarines,” said Tatarinov. “In accordance with the new programme of state armament, it is planned that a series of eight nuclear submarines, which will be armed with the new strategically important Bulava missile, will be built.”

Tatarionov underscored that the “deadline of the specific new programme of state armament for 2015 will guarantee the support of forces of nuclear deterrence based at sea at that level, which will allow us to guarantee the protection of the security of the country.”
Tatarinov added that the new Bulava missile complex will decided many issues that the Navy is dealing with, Russia news agencies reported. Tatarin said that the new strategic missiles will be adopted as weapons by 2009, Russian media said.