Germany delivered equipment for reactor compartments storage facility

Publish date: June 7, 2005

The first batch of the equipment for the onshore reactor compartments storage facility arrived at Sayda Bay in Murmansk region.

”The first ship with heavy equipment – industrial tractors, cement trucks, cranes are delivered and unloaded in Sayda Bay” Interfax reported in May referring to the chief engineer of the Nerpa shipyard Rostislav Rimdenok. Besides, the upgrade works at the tugboat engaged in reactor compartments delivery, completed in Greece. The project in Sayda Bay is carried on in accordance with the signed agreement between the Russian Nuclear Ministry and the German Economics and Labour Ministry.

The German-Russian deal, equal to $354m, is aimed at cleaning up the ever more crowded and contaminated Sayda Bay and providing, over the course of the next six years, an temporary onshore reactor compartment storage facility that will safely hold its current 50 radioactive reactor compartments—plus approximately 30 more compartments that the German and Russian governments expect will be shipped to Sayda within the next ten years as the Northern Fleet retires more submarines.

It is scheduled to put the first reactor compartments at the onshore facility in October-November 2005 what would mean the launch of the first part of the facility. All works on this project are to be completed by the end of 2008.