Naval shipyard workers go on strike

b4f835da276ba7c997cab0bd6b6d53eb.jpeg Photo: Foto: Thomas Nilsen

The workers of naval shipyard no. 82 at the Kola Peninsula threaten to run a blockage of an automobile road connecting Murmansk and Severomorsk, the Northern Fleet headquarters, on December 16. The workers demand salary that has been delayed for more than four months. The Russian Defence Ministry’s debt to the yard amounts to around $600.000.

Naval yard no. 82 is engaged in repairing of nuclear powered submarines, including the Typhoon class, the biggest submarine ever built. The yard did run road blockages before in demand of delayed salaries. This time, the yard labour union leaders say their actions will be supported by two other naval shipyards at the Kola Peninsula: Polyarny and Sevmorput.

In 1997, workers in Polyarny blocked a newly repaired nuclear submarine demanding overdue payments.