Pacific Fleet not to be dissolved

Admiral Gromov confirmed the severe reductions planned for the Russian Navy. Over the last five years, the Navy has been reduced from 452,000 men to 227,000. By the end of 1998, an additional 30,000 will be retired. The admiral claimed that the Pacific Fleet will not be dissolved in the near future, but confirmed that the fleet is to be based in two main locations – Kamchatka and Primorsk.

Admiral Gromov stated that currently there are 26 operative strategic nuclear powered submarines in both the Northern and Pacific Fleets. Apparently, these are of Delta-III, Delta-IV and Typhoon classes.

The number named by the admiral gives reason to believe that more nuclear subs were pulled out of service, suggesting more than 90 subs for the Northern Fleet and more than 50 subs for the Pacific Fleet.