Chernobyl NPP is dangerous again

Publish date: February 10, 2005

A French company, which won the tender for radioactive storage facility construction made significant failures during construction what made the operation of the facility almost impossible.

The Russian daily Trud reported on January 25 that the reactor storage pools at the Chernobyl plant are filled up with spent nuclear fuel rods what makes the plant even more dangerous. Another threat at the Chernobyl is the sarcophagus constructed around exploded unit no.4 as it can collapse any day. The beams B1, B2, and the roof, which were mounted in the extreme conditions, are hardly stable, as they were put on the half destroyed base by the crane operators-stalkers when radiation levels were extremely high.

There is no activity on erection of the wall, which could stop the gradual falling of the sarcophagus towards town Pripyat.

The Chernobyl plant director Alexander Smyshlayev explained the situation by the lack of specialists who could dismantle the equipment at the plant. “Out of 3,700 people only a few specialists could do that” he said, Trud reported. The Chernobyl plant again makes a great potential threat.