Construction of the Mayak store resumed

Publish date: May 5, 1998

Written by: Igor Kudrik

The construction of a U.S.-Russian facility to store radioactive material from dismantled nuclear warheads in the Urals was resumed this week, reported Chelyabinsk based news agency Ural-Press. Earlier reports claim it was never stopped.

Worried that the $250 million storage facility at Mayak nuclear complex being built in the Chelyabinsk region with Russian and U.S. funds is in violation of Russian environmental laws, inspectors from the State Committee on the Environment on March 27 ordered a halt to construction.

According to Chelyabinsk based news agency Ural-Press, Mayak has settled down all the formalities with the State Committee of the Environment and the halt-order was lifted this week.

As it was reported earlier by The Moscow Times the construction works at Mayak were never stopped. The order from the State Envirocommittee was ignored and the construction proceeded as planned.

In the long run, the paper war between Mayak and the State Envirocommittee came to a peace agreement. The envirocommittee inspectors granted Mayak permission to proceed with the construction.