President of Bellona Foundation Frederic Hauge to speak with Murmansk region parliament

President of Bellona Foundation Frederic Hauge sent a letter to the head of Murmansk region parliament Evgeny Nikora suggesting a meeting in Murmansk.

Earlier in September this year Evgeny Nikora and Frederic Hauge met at the ”round table” discussions in Brussels during the  9th Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region. The issues raised at the Conference were also about nuclear and radiation safety in Murmansk region.

Frederic Hauge accepted an invitation from the Murmansk region parliament speaker Evgeny Nikora to visit Murmansk in order to discuss the issues of the oil and gas activities, nuclear and radiation safety, renewable energy sources development, energy saving and energy efficiency. Frederic Hauge expressed confidence to unite the efforts to use potential to study and preserve the Arctic environment.

The president of Bellona Foundation Frederic Hauge plans to visit Murmansk in November.