Bush to allow nuclear spent fuel import to Russia


The official talks can begin already during the G8 summit. It is expected that Bush would sign the agreement on spent nuclear fuel import to Russia at the bilateral meeting just before the G8 summit. The USA softened its position on this matter due to the recent changes of the USA and Russia positions towards Iranian nuclear program. In response Russia should influence on Iran. The current Iranian nuclear program raises serious concerns at the UN Security Council.

The key issue of the agreement is that Washington allows Moscow to import spent nuclear fuel from the US built nuclear power plants in the third countries to Russia. This decision means that the USA changes its policy, which was kept for the recent 10 years. Before the US administration refused to cooperate with Russia because of nuclear plant construction in Busher carried out by the Russian specialists, the first nuclear plant in Iran.

According to The New York Times, this decision would help Bush to solve two problems: to find storage place for spent nuclear fuel and engage Russia in making pressure on Iran.