Russia might accept spent nuclear fuel from Lithuania

Publish date: March 9, 2004

If Ignalina NPP is shut down, Russia will take its spent nuclear fuel. ITAR-TASS reported on January 23, referring to the Minatom's Director for Information Policy Nikolay Shingarev who had commented 20-years anniversary of the Lithuanian nuclear plant and possible closure of the first unit in December due to the European Union demands.

“Ignalina NPP has been operating successfully and accident free since the start-up and generated 242.5 billion kWh during 20 years of operation. It is 80% of total electricity produced in Lithuania…Lithuania is not eager to close down this plant”. According to Shingarev, Russian Corporation TVEL delivers fresh nuclear fuel to the Ignalina, and the spent nuclear fuel is stored in Lithuania in the casks. However, Shingarev believes, that ”the issue on returning of the spent nuclear fuel to Russia from the Ignalina for storage and reprocessing in case it is closed down, should be solved according to the existing agreements, contracts and the IAEA regulations”, ITAR-TASS reported.