Russian Defence Ministry allocates 0,5 million USD to upgrade Andreeva Bay storage

Publish date: February 27, 1998

Written by: Igor Kudrik

The Russian Defence Ministry has announced the allocation of 500,000 USD to upgrade the spent nuclear fuel storage facility in Andreeva Bay on the Kola Peninsula this year. Northern Fleet officials say this amount falls far short of what is required.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has allocated 500,000 USD to upgrade the storage facility infrastructure for spent nuclear fuel in Andreeva Bay on the Kola peninsula. Andreeva Bay is the Northern Fleet’s largest and only operational on-shore storage site for spent nuclear fuel, located 45 kilometers from the Norwegian border.

The issue of Andreeva Bay was discussed at a meeting at the Murmansk county administration last autumn. At that meeting, Michael Motsak, the commander of the Zapadnaya Litsa naval base, where the Andreeva facility is located, presented a special report on the nuclear safety situation there.

As a result of the meeting, a coordination committee was established. In December 1997, the committee worked out its suggestions for 1998 on how to handle the situation in Andreeva Bay. The proposals, however, were not backed by funding. Hence, the Defence Ministry’s money arrives at an opportune moment.

However, 500,000 USD is far less than required, naval officials say. The governor of Murmansk county, Yuriy Jevdokimov, now counts on the support from Scandinavian countries and the United States.