Liquid waste treatment plant at Kola NPP to be completed by December 30

Publish date: November 21, 2005

Last month the Kola NPP welcomed the representatives of the German firm RWE NUKEM, a supplier of a number of systems for the newly constructed Liquid Waste Treatment Plant.

The scientists suggest to treat nuclear waste by tempering it, i.e. to transfer it into safer forms, convenient for all stages of handling: storage, shipment and final disposal. This approach assumes different methods of treatment.

After all methods were thoroughly studied, Russian and German specialists developed the one that is the most adequate for the plant. At the moment finishing and main equipment mounting works are in progress inside the huge LRWT building: ventilation, cabling, piping and installation of radionuclides purification system.

The main purpose of RWE NUKEM visit to the Kola NPP was negotiating on warranty services of the supplied equipment, so called A1/A4 facility (radioactive substances extraction plant) and A2 (conditioning system). The Kola NPP informed their German partners on the coming comprehensive tests of the system on December 22, 2005. LRWT plant commissioning terms is December 30, 2005, the Kola NPP press department informed. The TACIS program and the Rosatom Company sponsor the project.