Unit no.2 of Leningrad NPP to shut down for repairs

Publish date: June 10, 2005

The repair works are needed to get the permission to operate reactor no.2 over 30 years.

The design lifetime of the unit is 30 years. On July 12, unit no.2 is to be shut down, as it will reach the design lifetime’s limit. An upgrade and reconstruction of the unit is necessary to operate the reactor further.

Leningrad NPP launched the reactor upgrade program back in 1989. The main direction of the program is nuclear, technical, radiation, fire and physical safety of the plant. The upgrade works’ estimated cost is $220m. The Leningrad NPP covers most of the expenses from the own resources. So, unit no.1 was shut down in 2003 as it reached 30-years limit and then after modernisation continued operation in September 2004.

Unit no.3 is being overhauled since February 12 and should be put in operation on July 25. Unit no.4 should be stopped for scheduled 45-days maintenance works on August 6. From June 4 to June 7, the second reactor suffered capacity reduction down to 500 MW due to the turbogenerator repairs.

Leningrad NPP generated 10.502 million kWh this year and takes third place after Balakovo and Kursk NPP. The plant could produce more electricity than needed, however, the electricity low demand limits electricity generation at the plant. The Leningrad NPP operates the oldest reactor units of “Chernobyl type” RBMK-1000 with 4GW total capacity.