Shutdowns at Ukrainian reactors

Publish date: November 5, 2004

The fourth reactor of Rivno NPP was shutdown yesterday.

The opening ceremony of the new fourth reactor at the Rivno NPP took place just recently on October 16. The shutdown was triggered by the oil leak in the electrical generator yesterday. The incident did not influence the radiation situation at the plant and around it. The repair works should be finished by the end of November 7, ForUm reported. The 4th unit of VVER-1000 type at the Rivno NPP has 1 million kW capacity.

On October 13, the second reactor unit at the South-Ukrainian NPP suffered an automatic shutdown. First, the faulty turbine automatics control system led to the 78% capacity reduction of the unit. Then the strange sounds were heard from the turbine. The plant’s staff decided to conduct emergency shutdown of the second unit, but the shutdown operation did not go smoothly as some power disturbances hit the reactor’s control and protection system what triggered the reactor shutdown. According to the reports, the radiation situation remained normal. On October 14, the reactor was operated at the minimum controlled capacity.

Today 11 of 15 nuclear reactor units are in operation in Ukraine.