Russia spends $600-700m for nuclear reactors upgrade and construction annually

The first deputy director of the Rosenergoatom concern Alexander Polushkin told ITAR-TASS that despite the fact the Rosenergoatom’s investments would reduce in the coming years, the part for the construction and modernisation should remain. ”The annual input into construction and modernisation of the Russian nuclear power plants is $600-700m. One half goes for the construction of the new units, another half on the upgrade and lifetime extension of the existing reactors” Polushkin said.

On October 12, the Federal Agency on atomic energy was supposed to determine the place for the new reactor unit construction in Russia. According to Polushkin, it could be unit no.2 at the Rostov NPP or unit no.5 at the Kursk NPP.

“In the recent years the new unit was completed at the Rostov NPP and unit no.3 is about to be put in operation at the Kalinin NPP. At present, 30 reactor units are in operation at the 10 Russian NPPs” Polushkin said to ITAR-TASS.