Spent nuclear fuel shipped from two Novovoronezh retired reactors

Publish date: February 2, 2004

The last batch of spent nuclear fuel - 15 casings with spent nuclear fuel assemblies - had been taken off-site from shutdown Novovoronezh-1,2 last month, Nuclear.Ru reported.

Earlier 30 casings were shipped to Mayak plant. In the end of 2003 the most technologically complex stage of the work to prepare the remainder of the spent nuclear fuel for shipment was completed.

The spent nuclear fuel repackaging operations were preceded by a large-scale preparations and implementation of organisational and engineered measures involved peer reviews, concurrence and formalisation of a documentation package to justify safety during such operations, obtaining the relevant licenses and modifications to conditions of the Novovoronezh-1,2 operating license issued by the Russian State Nuclear Regulatory. Design, fabrication works and arranging of protective (hot) cell for cutting the storage casings and welding of transportation casings. Technical measures were developed to ensure operability of the protective cell and its equipment during spent fuel reloading operations.

Rosenergoatom’s specialists worked together with the plant’s engineers and technicians to support the activities and prepare spent fuel shipment from Novovoronezh-1, 2. After the last spent fuel batch was shipped off-site, Novovoronezh-1, 2 are ready for rendering them nuclear safe that will allow for continuing the implementation of the two nuclear power units’ decommissioning program, reported.