Four companies selected for dry nuclear storage facility tender in Ukraine

Publish date: June 29, 2004

The Ukrainian national nuclear energy generation company Energoatom selected in April four companies for further participation in the tender on design and construction of the spent nuclear fuel storage facility: Framatome ANP (France), Atomstroyexport (Russia), consortium of Holtec (USA) and BNFL (UK), consortium of JNS (Germany) and Novokramatorsk machine-building plant (Ukraine), Director on corporative development Maxim Rusinov said to the journalists.

The mentioned companies passed the preliminary selection for participation in the tender. The winner will construct the facility and put it into operation in accordance with the offer.

The capacity at the first stage of the operation should secure storage of 2,500 spent fuel assemblies from VVER-1000 reactors and 1,080 spent fuel assemblies from VVER-440. It is estimated that facility will receive 504 VVER-1000 assemblies and 216 VVER-440 assemblies annually. The dry facility should consist of concrete or metal containers or modules. The facility in Ukraine could half the price of the storage down to $25 per one kg of uranium. The first Ukrainian dry storage facility was put in operation at the Zaporozhye NPP in September 2001.